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L a Picena Gastronomia was officially founded as a family business in 2007 with stamp recognition E.E.C. E743K- but already with 20 years of history in the butcher's shop owned by the will of Marco and Simona, united by passion and competence in the meat processing sector.

Marco and Simona have always made an exemplary commitment in their work, considering it first of all a creative art: this approach, so artisanal, has been very successful, and it was only the first step towards a consolidation made of new products and new technologies.

While growing, Picena Gastronomia has remained anchored in the values that have allowed it to emerge over the years, which sees progress as a way to optimize craftsmanship rather than replace it.

For this reason, it continues to select carefully and personally all the raw materials: strictly top quality meats, all born, raised and slaughtered in Italy; fresh vegetables and eggs; Parmigiano Reggiano PDO; Bronte PDO pistachio; and all the other ingredients up to and including spices are selected among the best on the market.

I  t is thanks to this constant search for quality, passion and respect for tradition with an eye to innovation that Picena Gastronomia is today a leader in the production of high quality Galantine.

The flagship gastronomic product is in fact the "Chicken Galantine", a typical dish of the traditional cuisine of the Marche region, proposed in different variants. The use of selected raw materials together with technological innovation and continuous investment have allowed to obtain high level products in respect of tradition, thus arriving at the production of organic galantine.

In addition to the famous galantine, the artisan production focuses on pork, roasts and much more!

Picena Gastronomia
Quality Artisan Gastronomy!

All our products are 100%Made in Italy and gluten-free.

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Picena Gastronomia: Quality Artisan Gastronomy!


I t is said that Marco Gavio Apico, a gaudy Roman patrician, in one of his gastronomic recipes, handed down to us a dish based on stuffed chicken, present in the expensive and superb banquets in the palaces of the great lords of the time.

In etymological terms (cold) (gel, Latin:gelare) and all this because, this stuffed chicken before eating it had to be refrigerated.

So the Chicken Galantine enters the history of cooking, but only in the Marche will rise as: "Typical Product".

One of the first recipes of the galantine is reported in the "Cuoco perfetto Marchigiano", an anonymous recipe book printed in Loreto in 1891.

M  any are the ingredients used for this typical country product of the rural tradition of the Provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno.

There are many variants to the original recipe, but all provide for a slow and accurate union of the ingredients.

In the galantine prepared today by Picena Gastronomia, tradition and novelty combine perfectly to bring to our tables a healthy and tasty product!

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