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Made with products of your land according to ancient tradition and a lot of passion!

Ours is a story of transparency and quality, respect for traditions and for consumers with the desire to always do better.

Thus the GALANTINA DI POLLO BIOLOGICA was born, made with a sense of common sense, natural and healthy choices. 100% Italian organic meat and only organic farming ingredients.

Quality and control of the entire production process. Galantina BIO is a product with genuine flavors, synonymous with quality and true expression of a territory. Our territory.

Abou us
We work every day to combine technologies more advanced with a production process primarily devoted to craftsmanship.

The tying of galantines and roasts and the preparation of other goodnesses, these are just some of the processes that we carry out by hand because we know very well that no machine can ever match the passion of people.

The chicken is boned by hand, carefully degreased and stuffed with a filling of selected meats: organic chicken about 50% and organic beef.

The mixture is enriched and flavoured with: very high quality parmigiano reggiano d.o.p., olives, celery, carrots, pistachios, lemon peel and natural flavours; as well as boiled eggs placed in the central part and spices. Everything is strictly organic and comes from 100% organic farming.

The chicken is stuffed in this way, sewn with a needle and thread and tied with string, boiled or steamed for 5 hours and pressed.

The Result.... Irresistible goodness!

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100% Italian organic meat and only organic farming ingredients

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